Chong Cheng Enterprises Incorporated established in 1978. The company started with the manufacturing of kep. nut and till the present, the number of the major product items has been over 35, including nuts of various materials such as steel, copper alloy, aluminum alloy, etc., with products supplying the industries of automobiles, construction, and industrial applications.

The major product items are special fasteners, safe self-locking nuts, but the company is undertaking research and development on products for the applications in the aviation and space industries. Currently 98% of the products are for export, with markets over in Europe, US, Japan, and South-east Asia. At the present,

hong Chen g is specially featured for its having a R & D division, which will respond to customer requests for making molds, based customer's drawings, and operating trial runs. With up to 70 nut making machines owned by the company and the sub-contractors all together, they can fulfill almost any jobs based on customers request.

The pr oduct range of Chong Cheng Enterprise includes nuts for industrial use, and for the applications in automobile industries. In this year, Chong Cheng is going to apply for the certification of QS9000, to pursue for the goal of embedding their products into the supplying market of automobile parts. We invite those companies interested in OEM sub-contracting to join in our production, and those buyers using

our products as end-users to contact us. Vendors capable of providing long term stable supply of materials required are also welcomed to send in offers.
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